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The Beauty Clips FAQ
• What is The Beauty Clips and how do I use it?
The Beauty Clips is a Free coupon website for merchants in the beauty, fashion and fitness trade and a place for regular shoppers to search and download coupons for discounts on products and services. To see a quick start overview on how to use The Beauty Clips click here.

• How much does it cost to create my own coupon?
This website is Free Advertising for merchants in the beauty, fashion and fitness trade. It is free to create a coupon.

• How many coupons do I get?
Currently, merchants are able to create 3 coupons for free. If you would like more coupons, contact us at:

• How do I create an account?
Click on the "Merchant Sign in Here" link at the top right of the website.
Then click the "Sign Up" button. Fill out the information and then click the "Submit User" button.
Your new User name and password will be displayed.
Enter them into the User name and password fields and click the "Log In" button.

• How do I create a coupon?
(To create a coupon, you must first have an account. To learn how to create an account,
see "How do I create an account?" above.)

To create a coupon:
Click on the "Merchant Sign in Here" link at the top right of the website.
Enter your User name and password and click the "Log In" button.
You will then see the "User Coupon Creator" form.

Now fill out the form with the information requested...

City Town: Put the name of your city or town (This is how customers will find you when they search by city)
State: Enter the name of your state. (This is how customers will find when they search by state)
Zip Code: Enter your zip (This is how customers will find you when they search by zipcode)
Category: Pick one that suits your offer.(Hair, Nails, etc.)
Product Name: enter the name of your product or service ( ex. Haircut)
Company Name: Enter your name and phone number.
Coupon expires: Give the date the coupon expires in this format: xx/xx/xx (No need to put in the word expires here, it will be added automatically)
Amount: Enter amount of your special: ex. 10.00
Heading: Tell them what it is you are offering. Example: 10.00 OFF Haircut
Details: Give additional details about your offer here.
Terms of Use: Ex. In salon only, or web special.
Retailer Disclaimer: Example text - No Cash Value. Limit one per Customer. Not valid with other offers.
Upload product picture: If you would like to upload a picture, click the browse button to select one from your computer. Uploading a picture is optional.
Bar Code: If you have a barcode image, click the browse button and select it from your computer. Uploading a barcode image is optional.

Click the "Create" button to create the coupon.
Your coupon should now be created successfully.

• What if I get an error message that my picture is too big?
If you get an error message that your picture is too big resize it in your photo editor (ex. photoshop) and make it smaller. Pictures must be no bigger than 1000 width x 1000 height. Then browse for your newly resized picture on your computer and select it again.

• I am still having trouble with the picture being too big and I have decided to just create the coupon without one but it won't let me.
If you decide you do not want to upload a picture click the clear button and start over.

• I am still having problems and cannot seem to create a coupon, what do I do?
If you cannot make your own coupon: We will be happy to make your coupon for you.
Email us:

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